Feeling guilty?

Have you ever come across a book that you just couldn’t get into? Maybe it’s not what you expected, maybe it’s not your cup of tea or maybe, dare I say, it’s boring?

And you try your best to get into it, you tell yourself that maybe it gets better the more you read, but something in your mind is begging you to stop reading because it’s just not captivating. There is no omph you usually get with other books. There is nothing grabbing your attention and keeping it there.

So you stop reading it for a while. A break from the book.

“It’s probably because I’m still in the last book I read.” You tell your. But hours turn into days, and days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months before you pick it up again!! And you still can’t get into it!!

Okay, I was being really dramatic there, but you get the idea.

See, I’m supposed to be reading “The Dead-Tossed Waves” by Carrie Ryan, but I just can’t seem to make it any further than fifty pages. I have to admit it’s a bit boring. But I made this promise to myself that no matter how terrible, or how boring, or how tedious the book may be, I will read it till the end.

And I’ve read worst books than this one, trust me. So why can’t I read this one?

And what bothers me the most is the guilt I feel for not making the effort to read it out. I know how silly and possibly insane it sounds but it’s the truth. I feel guilty if I don’t finish a book that I’ve started.

I swear, it taunts me! Like it knows the promise I’ve made to read any book from cover to cover!

Ridiculous, right?

So I pick up another book, “Enthralled” a collection of short paranormal stories by various authors, and I’m totally into it, but at the back of my mind I feel like I’m cheating on Carrie Ryan with another author!

Have I mentioned that I am possibly insane? No?
Well, now you know. (I’m not really. I just have an over active imagination…lol…)

So, yeah. Does anyone feel like that? Or am I the only one? (I’m probably the only one…. Oh well)

-Ellie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

What reading/books do for me.

I think too much. I think all the time. I don’t ever stop thinking. I think before I go to sleep, I think as soon as I wake up, I just don’t. Stop. Thinking. It drives me crazy because I try to connect everything and everyone to some action or event or the other and my head just keeps going and going like the energizer bunny!

But it’s different when I read. I get so lost among the pages of a good book that it gives me a break from my mind. I focus on what’s happening in the book. I mean, it’s not perfect because I still stop every now and then to think about what I just read, but it’s not as intense and that’s good enough for me. And that’s what reading does for me. It takes me away from me, from the mess that is my mind, from the never ending thought trains rushing around in my head.

I use to self harm and I was suicidal… Reading was, and still is, my lifesaver when I feel I’m drowning in my depression or when I feel like crumpling to the ground; reading and books help me get up. It lets me know that I’m not alone with my thoughts, that I can swim above all the negativity in my head and take a breath. I’ve been on antidepressants and in therapy for two years but there’s nothing like curling up in a warm bed with a good book and just losing yourself in a healthy way.

I just wanted to get this out there. Again, I’ve been thinking a lot lately. A question came to mind; what is there to live for? Besides family, I told myself that I would live to read. To experience the natural high and good feel of finding a good book and getting lost in it. To listen to authors talk about their works. I know there is much more to live for, but reading is at the top of my list. I love it. And I hope to one day to pass this love of reading to my children. Or to even people who feel the way I do.

Reading gives hope. What does it do for you?

-Ellie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

Let’s talk about books!

Now, I know that I haven’t been posting much lately… Or at all…to be honest, I’ve been going through a lot lately。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・ but this blog is something that I really would like to keep up with, it makes me happy to ramble about books or anything book related,and I could really use some happiness in my life. So, if this is something I really want to do, I should find the time to do it! I don’t exactly have the best track record of sticking to things that I start… But! All that is about to change! (hopefully. (─‿‿─))

“Let’s Talk About Books!” is a thing I’d like to start. It’s where I post up about books or series that I find underrated. I know it’s been done before, but there are still a large number of awesome books out there that readers don’t know exist! And I’d like very much to bring reader and underrated books together. (´ ▽`).。o♡ Spread the love for reading! (。’▽’。)♡

So, starting from today, ‘Let’s Talk About Books!’ will be a thing on this blog and I’d appreciated the support. If you know about a book or a series that you find underrated, feel free to link me to them! Let’s work together to highlight all the underrated books out there!

 (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 皿〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) (The thing in the middle is suppose to be a book, in case you didn’t know ( ̄ˇ ̄))

-Ellie Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

This is so awesome!!

I read ‘The Selection’ by Kiera Cass and ‘Unraveling’ by Elizabeth Norris. Both were really good so I look forward to their second instalments.

‘Reboot’ by Amy Tintera looks like it’d be an interesting read. So does ‘Arclight’ by Josin L. McQuein.

Ugh! Why can’t books come out in Trinidad the same time they’re released in where ever else?! I want these books nooooowwww! T.T


I bought two more books today…

And yes, I am fully aware that I bought six books over the last week or so, but this is not what this post is about. Oh no my dear followers. This post is about what else I saw in my lovely book-store today.

My lovely, local book-store got some new books in this month and I was excited to see exactly what new books were now available to me. And while I was noting books that I’d like to get when I have more money and making the tough decision of which ones I should get now and calculating how much money it will cost, my eyes fell upon a book that literally stopped me in my tracks. I was staring at it for a full minute before I realized what it was about. 

This book my friends, was none other than;


What. The. Actual. Fudge?

Is this for real? Are they for real?? I swear if I wasn’t holding the actual book in my hand, I wouldn’t believe if you told me that something like this existed!

Okay, Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I mean come on! Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray? My mind can’t even process something like this! Again, exaggerating. 

And for those who are curious, here’s the synopsis;

Meet artist Rosemary Hall and follow her inevitable downfall brought by her lust for the famous Dorian Gray—a tale both familiar and new in this brilliant erotic mash up of one of the world’s most beloved novels. With a mix of old fashioned Victorian debauchery and erotic 21st century lust this cleverly sexed-up classic will leave you wanting more!

First published to sensational scandal amidst accusations that the novel was hedonist, unclean, and depicted distorted views of morality The Picture of Dorian Gray was a hit back in the day. In 1890 the Daily Chronicle wrote that Wilde’s novel “will taint every young mind that comes in contact with it.” Well Victorian critics, gird your loins and prepare to meet Audrey Ember’s Fifty Shades of Dorian Gray: hotter, lewder, sexier, steamier, and more morally corrupt than Oscar Wilde’s original story! 

Rediscover this celebrated novel as it traces the moral degeneration of a beautiful young Londoner seduced by art and beauty into a cruel and reckless pursuer of pleasure. Meet artist Rosemary Hall and follow her inevitable downfall brought by her lust for the famous Dorian Gray—a tale both familiar and new in this brilliant erotic mash up of one of the world’s most beloved novels. 

With a mix of old fashioned Victorian debauchery and erotic 21st century lust this cleverly sexed-up classic will leave you wanting more!

It’s four hundred pages long and I just found out that it was published in December 2012… Wow, we really do get our books late (O_o)… Click the photo for more details, reviews and etc. Please note that this is just my opinion on this book. I know that there are others out there who are into books like these. In fact, my best friend is a huge fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m not judging those who books like those. I’m just saying that it kind if insulting to a classic to do something like to it. Again, my opinion. And if you don’t agree, cool. I ain’t here to fight anyone down on their choice of reading. So we cool?

Awesome sauce (^w^)

Well at least my day wasn’t totally ruined by poorly written books. I did manage to get two books that I really wanted to read.


Yay me! Also, I have three book reviews to do by the end of this week. I’m being very lackadaisical with my reviews. I mean, I read three lovely and wonderful books and I should write about them, right?

Anyway, happy reading everyone. It’s cold and rainy. The perfect setting to curl up with my stuffed bear and a good book. 

-Ellie Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ



No internet? Have no fear! Read a book instead!

I haven’t had internet since Friday. Why? My guess is that a really tall truck passed by and yanked the net cable down. And when they saw what they did, they just toss the cable in our yard…


-_-… really?

My family (except for me and my dad) were so upset. No net or TV for the whole weekend? How would they survive?

Luckily, I always have a book at hand. I started reading ‘BZRK’ by Michael Grant


Honestly, this book should come with a warning.

Oh wait, it did…


It should come with other warnings like, ‘not for the paranoid’ or even a glossary for those of us who don’t know much about biology or nanotechnology.

I’ll explain why in my review.

So yeah, even without internet I can still have an interesting weekend.


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